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Essen – Medical Center with an International Reputation

Essen is one of the top medical science locations in the Republic and is by far the leading healthcare location in the Ruhr area. As a location for healthcare, medical research and health management Essen enjoys an excellent reputation both nationally and internationally. This is not without reason: Essen not only offers top level medical care and research, but these sectors also work together hand in hand.

More than 48,800 workers paying SI contributions are employed in medical science and healthcare management, 14 hospitals attached to 4 prosperous, non-profit, sponsors’ associations, as well as, the state owned "Universitätsklinikum" (University Hospital), numerous training and research facilities and an immense number of registered doctors from all disciplines, make Essen a very attractive medical center for potential patients.

Annually, between 700,000 and 800,000 people, of which approximately 40 % are not from Essen, but from all over Germany and foreign countries, are treated as both inpatients and outpatients. Support for the patients is provided by an extensive network of preventative and rehabilitation facilities, as well as, chemists and care and self-help institutions.

Essen has strong and efficient companies within the medical science and healthcare sectors which are active in the fields of product development, trade and service. These companies need and find a high level of local, medical and scientific know-how.

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