Industrial Estates in Essen

Five of the 50 and eight of the 100 highest turnover companies in Germany have their headquarters located in Essen. Together with approximately 23,200 small and medium-sized businesses they characterize the locational, economic force and make Essen one of the leading economic locations in Germany.

Central location and excellent infrastructure

The geographic location and very good traffic infrastructure underline, among many other factors, Essen’s locational strength. Essen’s central location offers businesses access to an extensive amount of customers, volume of turnover and staffing potential stemming not only from the approximately 5.1 million residents, but also from beyond the Ruhr metropolis itself.

Essen is quickly and easily accessible. Well-developed motorway and rail systems and four airports within a radius of 60 km provide fast connections within the Ruhr metropolis and to other national and international cities and conurbation areas.

Attractive for companies

The numerous advantages that Essen has to offer make the location attractive for companies of all branches. In Essen, there is a high demand for industrial and commercial sites not only with those companies already settled here, but also with companies wanting to settle in Essen.

Whether it is industrial and/or manufacturing facilities, wholesale companies, trades and crafts, restaurants and leisure-industry companies – Essen has a differentiated range of sites suitable for both industrial and commercial utilization. Sundry company requirements with regard to location, size, infrastructure and links to traffic systems are met with qualitatively, high-grade areas. The range of commercial areas on offer, covers designated industrial areas with direct access to railways and port facilities and the possibility of 24 hour operation, as well as business park sites meeting the demands for urban development and inner city areas with a utilization mix.

Transport connections and central location

Companies settle in Essen due to the good transport connections and the supra-regional centrality of business locations. All the business locations in Essen are in close proximity to at least one motorway that runs through the city area and connects the locations with Germany’s important east-west and north-south transport axes.

Essen’s central location ensures that the local business locations belong to those with the largest catchment area throughout NRW. Depending of which part of the city area the corresponding business is situated, more than 11 million people can access this location within a journey of one hour by car and more than 9 million by public transport – an enormous potential of workforce and customers, thus, making corporate settlement highly attractive.

Adequate price level

The range of business locations on offer is accompanied by differentiated price levels. The appraisal board for real estate value, assessing Essen’s property value, divides the sites ready for development and for commercial utilization into two categories. The properties for so-called "classic commercial utilization" are normally located in designated industrial estates and are used by a variety of industrial branches. In these areas administrative and retail utilization, in comparison to manufacturing and storage utilization, is of only minor importance. The land prices for classic industries without tertiary utilization is, in relation to site quality, between 60.00 €/m² and 150.00 €/m² free of utility installation costs. In individual cases, these approximate values can either fall short or be exceeded. Property prices for so-called more superior business can, according to location and utilization, exceed the above mentioned prices considerably.

In order to be able to satisfy future demands for business locations, the offers are being gradually increased by which existing business locations are being revitalised and modernised to meet current market requirements and the areas formerly used by the coal and steel industry are being refurbished for new utilization. For example, the site of the former coking plant Zollverein or the sites M2 and M3 in the "Krupp Gürtel" located north-west of Essen’s city center.

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