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Universitätsviertel - grüne mitte Essen

Living in the center of the city

In the center of the city, in the center of Essen in an area opposite the former Krupp complex where once a rail freight depot, a wholesale market and later funfair and circus attractions dominated the scenery a new premium, lively, green and urbane complex is currently being developed. Residential areas, environments for both working and recreation: the "Universitätsviertel - grüne mitte Essen" (University District). This is an unparalleled example for the reutilization of a former industrial and commercially used site that has been turned into a modern, attractive and successful urban development project.

The development company Entwicklungsgesellschaft Universitätsviertel Essen mbH (EGU), a PPP Project of EWG - Essener Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft mbH, Sparkasse Essen, Altstadt Baugesellschaft mbH & Co. KG and NRW.URBAN GmbH & Co.KG, is responsible for site development and the sales and marketing of plots.

High Quality Environment

Approximately 230 million Euros has been invested in this area which lies between the city center of Essen and the university. The total area covers approximately 13.3 hectares and has a mixed utilization which includes high quality residential properties, offices and commercial buildings, an Auditorium Center with catering and service facilities. The "Universitätsviertel - grüne mitte Essen" is also characterised by a park area which covers approximately 4 hectares. The extensive landscape with water courses, promenades and various open spaces offers high quality environments and a high level of recreation. The key highlight: the residential areas are located along the landscape and water courses, framed by the designated areas for offices and services and act as a protective shield against the hubbub of the city.

Overwhelming Demand

The project was launched in December 2008. Once the site had been cleared of relicts stemming from its industrial past amongst others removing the railway tracks from the rail freight depot and demolishing two bridges, the park was opened in July 2010 after having received several million Euros of urban investment. For the investors this meant no holding back: within the shortest space of time all residential building plots had been allocated. The sales and marketing of the commercial plots was completed not long after. In a nutshell: The residential and commercial areas were highly sought after and snapped up very quickly.

Various Types of Properties

Mid-2011 saw the start of the construction work for the first residential units located along the landscape and water courses. In the meantime, all seven residential projects have been completed. Renowned regional and supra-regional investors such as Allbau AG, Arsatec GmbH, DORNIEDEN Generalbau GmbH, Eckehard Adams Wohnungsbau GmbH, HOCHTIEF Solutions AG formart NRW, Versorgungswerk der Architektenkammer NRW and Vivawest Wohnen GmbH realised modern and architecturally attractive types of properties. These include, diverse offers for residential accommodation ranging between 50 m² and 270 m² with generous dimensions, balcony, roof terrace or garden. In total, there are 450 flats either for rent or for sale. 19 town houses in the centre of the "Universitätsviertel - grüne mitte Essen" – shielded from the hubbub of the city, but still in the midst of things. "PIER 78", "CITY VIEW" or "Park View" – the names of the residential housing projects speak for themselves.

University District as an Office Location

The new city district is also an impressive office location. Whether it is an office, surgery, law firm or agency: a balanced relationship between modern office accommodation and lots of greenery ensures a pleasant working atmosphere. This is a well-known fact and something that the AOK Rheinland/Hamburg appreciated. In April 2013, the company moved into offices covering an area nearly 18,800 m² located at the entrance to the "Universitätsviertel - grüne mitte Essen". The new headquarters of the FUNKE MEDIENGRUPPE are currently under construction on the western edge of the University District. This new building in the immediate vicinity of Essen’s city center will see the Media Company move into the midst of city life. The building complex for the new Media Office covers 12,000 m² and has a gross floor space of approximately 37,000 m². The building completion is planned for the third quarter 2017 and, herewith, also the development of the "Universitätsviertel - grüne mitte Essen" will have achieved completion.

The Vision becomes Reality

For a long time the property that experts and independent consultants considered impossible to realise, ultimately became reality: The northern part of city center of Essen, burdened with a negative image was developing into a new premium city district. The visionaries have been proven right by this success. The demand for residential accommodation both for sale and for rent has been overwhelming. Most of the units had either been rented or sold long before the respective start of construction. Marketing quotas over and above 50% – even before the excavators had stated rolling – exceeded all expectations. The run on the residential accommodation has not diminished. Five of the seven housing projects have been 100% allocated and the first occupants have moved in and made themselves at home. The last two housing projects completed are also enjoying a high level of popularity and nearly all units have been let.

Inner-city Campus

The "Universitätsviertel - grüne mitte Essen" does credit to its name by being located in the neighbourhood of the university itself. The erection of the new Auditorium Centre also draws students into the new city district and, therefore, also nearer to Essen’s city centre. A new auditorium center has been built on the eastern edge of the complex costing approximately 12 million Euros. The large auditorium has seating for 1,100 people and the smaller for 150 people. The new building was completed in mid-2014. In the past, the railway tracks acted as a barrier that divided the University from Essen’s city center. The "Universitätsviertel - grüne mitte Essen" creates new connections. It bridges the gap between the city center and the university and the University Duisburg-Essen now has an inner-city campus.

Excellent Access and Integration

The new "Universitätsviertel - grüne mitte Essen" is like part of a jigsaw puzzle that has found its place in Essen’s city center and profits extraordinarily well from the surrounding infrastructure. Excellent traffic connections whether it is by car or public transport ensure optimum access and Essen’s pedestrian zones, the Limbecker Platz Shopping Mall and numerous cultural and catering facilities in neighbourhood promise a vibrant big city life on the doorstep. An additional highlight is the "Rheinische Bahn", which are cycle and hiking paths that go beyond the city boundaries. These begin at the "Universitätsviertel - grüne mitte Essen" and cyclists and hikers are directed through delightful landscapes. The green "highway" is not only suitable for recreational activities, but also for getting from and to work – based on the motto "the cycle path as a business route".

"Universitätsviertel - grüne mitte Essen" wins the immobilienmanager.AWARD

"Universitätsviertel - grüne mitte Essen" is currently swimming of the wave of success as far as the real-estate sector goes. The specialist magazine "immobilienmanager" commended Essen’s new City district by presenting them with the immobilienmanager.AWARD 2013. In the category "Urban Develolpment" the "Universitätsviertel - grüne mitte Essen" was able to convince the independent expert jury. In particular, they commended the long-term orientated urban development qualities and praised the optimum transport links and unparalleled mix of the various utilizations of housing, work, and recreation in the immediate vicinity of the inner city location.

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