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Literatur Quartier Essen

Unfolding a new chapter for Essen

Essen is a business metropolis. But Essen is also a cultural metropolis. With the Philharmonic Hall, the Folkwang University and the UNESCO World Heritage Zollverein, there are real epicentres of music, the performing and visual arts and architecture. Literature also belongs to the great arts. It unites the people of the world and is at the same time a promise of quality. At the place of origin of the written word of the city, on the site of the old newspaper and media district, this promise is now being carried into the urban space and history is being continued. A new chapter begins: Literatur Quartier Essen.

With the "Literatur Quartier" of OFB Projektentwicklung GmbH, a new, attractive urban quarter is being created near the city centre. New offices, attractive city apartments, a hotel as well as catering and shopping facilities will be built on an area of around 16,000 m² in an urban mix of uses. Open architecture, green roofs and attractive squares will enhance the micro quality, as will a new local supplier and a café - and offer innovative companies in the quarter itself and in the immediate vicinity a great infrastructure.

The Literatur Quartier is part of the first regulatory sandboxes for the energy transition

Can we build cities in the future in which the use of fossil fuels is largely superfluous? This vision is becoming reality in three urban quarters, including the Literatur Quartier. Intelligent energy networks link heat, cold, "green" electricity, hydrogen and the mobility sector. In addition, the three participating urban districts will also be networked with each other. In this way, the differently structured quarters are to complement each other in a sustainable and economical way.

Thanks to a PV and hybrid PV system, the highly dense urban Literatur Quartier is able to generate its own energy. In addition, charging points and e-car and bike sharing will provide new mobility options and the balance of consumption and generation will be optimised by using a central neighbourhood storage facility and intelligent digital neighbourhood energy management. An important technology partner here is, among others, innogy SE.