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Krupp-Gürtel – 230 Hectares are brought to life

The "Krupp-Gürtel" is a modern, urban district which is currently being developed in the areas between Altendorf and the inner city and will provide new areas for housing, business and recreation. The "Krupp-Gürtel" is an attractive location for both housing and offices, as well as, for high-quality industrial areas in close proximity to the inner city and with easy access to transport systems.

The area covers approximately 230 hectares and is almost three times the size of Essen’s city center and, therefore, one of the largest and most exciting urban development sites in the region. The site has a long history and from the mid-19th to mid-20th century, it was the location of the Krupp´sche Gussstahlfabrik. After suffering severe damage during the Second World War and the subsequent closures of most of the manufacturing plants, the area deteriorated into wasteland and could not be accessed. The "Krupp-Gürtel" is an important project for urban development currently being realised by the City of Essen.

ThyssenKrupp Quartier and Krupp-Park

The core element of the "Krupp-Gürtel" is the ThyssenKrupp Quartier with its outstanding architecture penned by the renowned Atélier D’Architecture Chaix & Morel et Associés, Paris in cooperation with JSWD Architekten + Planer, Köln. The formal opening of the new ThyssenKrupp headquarters on its traditional site in Essen in 2010 marked the completion of first building stage. In the course of the further development, the second building stage was completed in 2014. The "Quartier", comprising a total of approximately 17 hectares, is the work place for about 3,000 employees.

The Krupp-Park lies to the west of ThyssenKrupp Quartier. The park covers approximately 22 hectares and is the "Krupp-Gürtel’s" so-called "green lungs". Five hills, offering pleasure seekers a very nice view, a lake fed with the rainwater stemming from ThyssenKrupp Quartier, woodland, open grassland and five play areas are characteristic for the Park. The new Berthold-Beitz-Boulevard ensures optimum access to the "Krupp-Gürtel".

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