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52 hectares – new quality of life

"ESSEN 51" is the simple, easy to remember name of the new area in the northern part of the "Krupp-Gürtel". The area covers 520,000 m² and is almost as large as one of Essen’s other 50 urban districts, meaning this will be added to the list.

A lively urban area is planned with an utilization mix of living and working and it is to be erected essentially on the basis of the masterplan "Krupp-Gürtel Nord" as agreed by Essen’s City Council. Essen’s Thelen-Gruppe acquired this extensive area in the framework of an area deal from thyssenkrupp in May 2016 and is responsible for the area’s development.

Offices, Businesses and Restaurants

The central point of ESSEN 51 is a park with an open watercourse which links the green city area in the south-west with the Niederfeldsee. In total, the water landscape covers approximately 3.2 hectares and will be fed by an innovative drainage concept which plans to use the rainwater supply from the new buildings, which, in turn, means not being discharged into the sewerage system. Attractive office space and places to eat and drink with an area of 4.5 hectares surround the water and park areas. Additional business areas covering approximately 12.6 hectares will be developed around the planned Ring Road, providing space for office utilization, trades and crafts and technology companies.

2.500 Homes

In addition, the Thelen-Gruppe is planning to build approximately 2.500 homes, of which, around half of will be located to the south of ESSEN 51. The remainder will be built within the urban district ESSEN 51 in close proximity to the approximately 200,000 m² Krupp-Park. The residential address covering an area of 10.5 hectares dominates with its central location whilst, at the same time, offering a high quality of open spaces. The investor, Essen’s Thelen-Gruppe will retain ownership of all units and offer them for rent. The EWG - Essener Wirtschaftsförderung will provide the Thelen-Gruppe with marketing support.


The new urban district has got off to a favourable start. IKEA the furnishing store, will move from its current location, Altendorfer Strasse to the Bottroper Strasse which runs in a north-easterly direction from ESSEN 51. The Berthold-Beitz-Boulevard, the third city ring, is the axes connecting the "Krupp-Gürtel" with the new district. The traffic concept for ESSEN 51 includes expanding the Bottroper Strasse into 6 traffic lanes, the new build of a 4-lane road within the urban district and a roundabout. The Thelen-Gruppe has started with the infrastructure measures in 2017.

Urban District from a single source

In a nutshell: The north part of the "Krupp-Gürtel" will go down in urban development history. In close cooperation, both the City of Essen and the Thelen-Gruppe are seizing the unparalleled opportunity of extending Essen’s inner city by developing an extensive area from a single source. This represents a ground-breaking form of urban planning with a lively utilization mix of offices, housing, retail trade, places to eat and drink and additional services – complemented by leisure areas. This ties-in with quality-enhancing construction and infrastructure measures already achieved in the "Krupp-Gürtel".

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