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Services and Projects for Businesses

You want to settle your company in Essen, execute a clever investment, expand an existing facility, relocate within the city area or establish a start up?

Then take advantage of our services which are free of charge and unbiased, because by having the responsibility for the businesses development of the City of Essen it means that we work in the context of a public contract.

Settlement and real-estate services

  • We provide all the relevant information for your choice of location which is free of charge, confidential and non-bureaucratic.
  • We help you to find the right building or suitable property either for purchase or rent.
  • We provide information relating to public funding.
  • We offer advice, support and guidance relating to official permits, problems and/or issues that need to be clarified with the city administration and other local departments.
  • Our good contacts to the local Job Center and other service centers facilitate your personnel recruitment.

Advice for Funding and Financial Support

  • We would be pleased to provide comprehensive information about public funding programmes in the State of North-Rhine-Westphalia, the Federal State and the European Union. The programmes include interest-subsidised loans, indemnifications, as well as, in particular circumstances, non-refundable subsidies and guarantees.
  • We help you to find the most suitable financial instrument in the maze of subsidies and grants.
  • We offer advice about how best to prepare your projects and, in the case of valid funding prospects, can provide support in compiling the appropriate application.
  • Where questions are complex, we offer support in contacting the "NRW.BANK", the "Förderbank für das Land Nordrhein-Westfalen" (The development bank of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia) and to additional banking institutions and project sponsors at both federal and state levels and provide guidance for the submitting of your application.

Promoting Innovation

  • Whether it is new technologies, processes, products or services – we provide support to help identify this potential, develop it further and put it into practice.
  • We can offer assistance in looking for appropriate research and industrial partners and to find the most suitable cooperation partner from the business and science sectors.
  • We offer advice on the choice of suitable public funding and financing programmes.

Advice for Business Start-ups

  • We offer young companies advice during all pre, intermediary and post start-up phases.
  • We provide information about public funding and advisory programmes.
  • We are the regional partner and official point-of- contact and recipient of applications for advisory programmes. In particular, for the "Beratungsprogramm Wirtschaft" (business advisory programme), the "Förderung unternehmerischen Know-hows" (developing business know-how) the "Potentialberatung" (advice on the maximisation of potential).
  • We provide access to the point-of contact "Gründungszentren" (start-up centers) and to both networks of Essen’s start-up and supra-regional young business sectors.

Personnel Recruitment

  • You are seeking qualified and motivated professional and managerial staff? We can offer support by providing access to all those involved in Essen’s personnel recruitment sector and can place you in touch with the right people.
  • We can provide information about public funding programmes for personnel development and support you in contacting the funding sponsors and also help with the application procedures.
  • We provide access to students and graduates so that you are in a positon to recruit young professional as early as possible.
  • In cooperation with relevant partners within the "Bundesagentur für Arbeit" (Federal Employment Agency) we can provide information and advice to companies about requirements relating to the employment of professional, foreign nationals in the German labour market.

Location Communication

  • We can support you with your media and marketing concepts for projects, products and services in which Essen is distinguished as an attractive business and investment location.
  • We can also help you find the appropriate partners with the press due the fact that we have excellent networks within the media industry and have good connections to multipliers and journalists.
  • We can make available current data and facts relating to Essen‘s business and economic activities which could support you with your work – ranging from structure data analyses to specific branch and project-related presentations.

Projects and Networks

  • Whether you want to push ahead with the digital transformation of value-added chains and business models, to improve corporate environmental protection whilst, at the same time, considering cost savings or to increase innovate strength – we can provide information about projects that can support you in your endeavours.
  • We can assist you in finding the right networks for your corporate commitments so that the resulting synergies can be utilized for the increase in growth and competitiveness of your company.
  • We provide access to projects and networks that Essen makes available to many business sectors including, amongst others, energy, medicine and healthcare, GreenTech, ICT industry, creative industry, as well as, education and science.

Just give us a call, send us an E-mail or simply visit us. We look forward to working together.